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Like the four seasons, an actor has to transition from pilot season to hiatus to episodic time to holiday nothingness. What happens when you arent even on the weather map? You forge your own storms and weather patterns. Like any worthwhile rainmaker, you decide where your precipitation will fall. I released my agent and manager […]

Blocking for the stage (and life)

Onstage, backstage, stage left, stage right, upstage, downstage…I live and breath acting. I feel particularly grateful that life has accommodated my desire to concentrate exclusively on having a creative life. I finally find myself in a place where if I’m not acting, I’m teaching acting. If I’m not teaching acting I’m directing acting. If I’m […]

Choppy Waters

I believe even when: I don’t have an audition, I’m not on stage, I’m working every other job but the one I love, I’ve sacrificed comfort and security for an unchartered life as an performer…. I believe. The days pass by with an unpurposeful velocity. Why? I am missing the anchor that moors my ship: […]

In The Heat of The Moment

    Days, hours and moments pass at an alarming rate. I have an exciting guest star role in this movie we call “life”.  Sometimes that’s enough. Oh sure I miss the residuals, but having a life I feel excited to get up and live beats a fat paycheck in an uneventful life any day! […]

Thoughts to begin a new year…

Dearest Diary, I have ignored you, cheated on you (with other blogs), and resisted all of your advances. But forgive me. Life got a hold of me and actual adventures replaced the pen. That’s what happens when life becomes more interesting to live then to write about. It all began this summer when I taught […]

Wishes aren’t just for Genies…

I have always been a big believer that when you focus on what you want in life, you draw it towards yourself. Having said that, I did not expect to draw Conan O’ Brien into my neighborhood! But alas, that’s exactly what positive thinking brought me. To backtrack, I have been fortunate to have had […]

Live from New York…

…its Sunday night live! And boy do I feel alive. I might as well have taken a shuttle to the moon because that’s just how surreal the LA to New York transition feels. Let me first say how lovely it feels to be flown-out to do a reading of a potentially new play. I feel […]

Ode to Marilyn

  An Actress needs a muse, and for all times, good and bad, mine has been Marilyn Monroe. Perhaps it’s due to some similarities we share: I once lived in a house in the Hollywood foothills where she lived as “Norma Jean”, she studied with Lee Strasberg, I studied with his son David,  she  too […]

Dreaming Big

    Strike One! Jut home from an audition for the new “In Living Color”. I was prepared to perform three original characters and a celebrity impression. My demise: my incredibly funny sketch of Kim Kardashian in a Sex and Love Addict’s meeting did not see the light of day. I was shutdown with a […]

I get a good feeling

Ever feel like your life is defined by song lyrics? “woah hooo, sometimes I get a good feeling…” You said it. I’ve got a stupendous feeling about 2012. Geared-up for some serious good things to happen. Change baby change. That’s the name of the game. Spin the wheel of life and land in some new […]