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Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit hole I go…deeper and deeper…searching for an authentic place for myself.  I’ll know this destination when I arrive. I will feel vindicated that all of my premonitions and predispositions toward a meaningful use of my talent will have been met. Not frittered it away chasing a golden carrot. So perhaps old dreams […]

Keep moving….

      I often get amusement out of selecting unusual and obscure movies on Netflix. So when “Lola Montes” arrived, I dove into it with a reckless abandonment. The true story of the allegedly “scandalous” life of this dancer and courtesan captured me.  But Lola is more then meets the eye.  She is smart, […]

One Dizzy Brunette….

Dear Diary, How could I skip writing in September? I’ve been so involved living my life, that I forgot to write about it. I’m dizzy with the joy of living! Change is in the air. It’s as tangible as the falling autumn leaves. I’m exploring so many long forgotten sides of myself including my former […]

My Lightness Of Being

    I am floating after a peaceful two-week vacation. Although a mean hurricane named Irene threatened to intervene, she did not succeed (with me anyhow). Instead she provided me a nurturing “stay -at -home -day” with my dear Mama’. Merci Irene.  Why does it take a Hurricane to rethink one’s life and priorities or […]

Spreading myself around

Can a person be in many places at one time? Seems I can. I ‘m an airhockey puck rickishaying off  life.  I’m charged and ready for adventure. Art modeling is so artistically fulfilling that I had to start a separate blog ( However it is the acting that remains the driving force in my life. […]

La Vida Loca

  “To Live Doesn’t Mean Your Alive” raps pink haired pop star Nicki Minaj. “Live your Life,” shouts the window of the American Eagle clothing store. What does it mean to really live your life? Well to live is a verb. It implies action. And when your told to “live your life”, it suggests doing […]

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It’s good to be a poser.

Well I must say, all this film production for my viral diary has put my written one on hold. Is it easier to act then write? Not really. But sometimes one can lost in all the busyness! I just viewed episode two and it’s so much fun! Back to the pen Rachel, back to the […]

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Happy-go-lucky me

I always secretly knew that I was a happy-g0-lucky gal!   Born with an extra beat in my step. Excitable, and relaxed in ways where I should be serious. In search of the luck that my happiness promises. I love my Dad. I am the luckiest of daughters! We are incredibly close so it was no […]