Dreaming Big



Strike One! Jut home from an audition for the new “In Living Color”. I was prepared to perform three original characters and a celebrity impression. My demise: my incredibly funny sketch of Kim Kardashian in a Sex and Love Addict’s meeting did not see the light of day. I was shutdown with a curt “Thank you”. Oh well. I’ll never be a “Fly Girl” or the next “Homey The Clown” or anyone on that show for that matter. Ces’t La Vie. I won’t let it keep me down. I never do.

The voice of SAG Award winner Vi0la Davis is still ringing in my ears from Sunday “Dream Big. Dream Fierce”. I have many more dreams in my magical hat. I’ll just pick another. Having said that, rejection stinks like  a rotten fish.

I registered for my Boston Equity auditions in April. How wonderful it will be to work in my hometown at long last. In the meantime, Tinsletown has me ticking like a metronome. Always aspiring to hit a high note whether it’s a celebrity interview for my magazine, teaching an acting class, or perfecting the ultimate headshot. The notes compile into a symphony. The musical soundtrack of the long and epic movie I am living. We each compose our own life scores. Even the off-tune notes play a part. If we didn’t have them, how would we know when we are in tune? Or on track? We must fail miserably and succeed magnificently. We must experience the entire scale. Only then we will we have developed character, a solid sense of self and a philosophy on which to build the rest of our lives.

Two more strikes and many home runs to go! Bases are loaded with big dreams.




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