Live from New York…

…its Sunday night live! And boy do I feel alive. I might as well have taken a shuttle to the moon because that’s just how surreal the LA to New York transition feels.

Let me first say how lovely it feels to be flown-out to do a reading of a potentially new play. I feel like Cinderella. My matching glass stiletto slippers have always been Broadway and Hollywood. Rehearsing in Times Square has an authenticity of it’s own. Surrounded by a city that loves and supports theatre (while theater equally supports it’s city), it only feels natural to meet in  a rehearsal room in the basement of the theater and get to “work”.

This is my third time reading my role of “Francine”. She lives and breathes in my skin. When I play her, it’s as though my eyes see differently, my mind functions at another pace and my heart feels with an extra layer of sensitivity. As much as I am the character, I am not. The Francine’s in the world are delicate butterflies. To have access into her world requires me to call on the utmost innocent and untouched parts of myself. Perhaps this is why I love being her, because I wish I could feel safe enough to be her all the time.

I had the wonderful opportunity to work on The Conan O’Brien show again. I was lying in my acupuncturist’s office with an army of needles in my back, when my cell phone rang. I carefully answered. I was asked to be on set in one hour. So much for Chinese healing. The needles were quickly pulled; I hoped in my car and headed to Warner Brothers. Never knowing in what capacity they will use me, I was slightly amused to be cast in a comedy sketch as the “Easter Hooker”. Now being an Actress who not so long ago did a one-woman show on stage speaking for sixty minutes, I had not done a non-speaking bit in quite some time. But I was so pleased and grateful to be on working on a wonderful show, on a set, and being a part of something bigger then myself…that there was no ego to contend with! What an incredible sign of progress for me.  My comfort and confidence in myself has grown. Also, nothing is more humbling then being out of work as an actress. It’s good for you. Struggle can reshape the ego. Setbacks can make the mind stronger. And failure is really success if you use it to help you grow. Btw, The Conan show posted my image all over the Internet. I await their next call eagerly. Sure I can handle huge acting roles…when they are available. But I can also smile, look pretty and have a fun time with grace and gratitude.

We all can. How we carry ourselves determines how we feel about ourselves, which in turn affects how others feel about us. Sometimes we have to use the magic “As if”, that we use in acting.

So live “as if”” you are completely satisfied. Or even better, feel fulfilled with your exact circumstances as they are today. In finding the worthy things, we make room for more to come. And there is more…the journey is just beginning. Good Night New York.








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