Wishes aren’t just for Genies…

I have always been a big believer that when you focus on what you want in life, you draw it towards yourself. Having said that, I did not expect to draw Conan O’ Brien into my neighborhood! But alas, that’s exactly what positive thinking brought me. To backtrack, I have been fortunate to have had a somewhat recurring role on the TV show doing comedy sketches with  the wonderful Andy Richter and Bill Tull.. However, I had yet to meet Conan himself (my ultimate wish).  Let me describe the setting of this meeting: a quiet Sunday morning, a fairly empty street, walking home from the gym in my white “Live Free Love” sweat pants, hoodie and oversized Gucci’s, when BAM! There he was! We all know when we are in a moment when we must take control of our destiny? So with a brisk “HEY”, I stopped him in motion. He could not have been more gracious to this sweat clad stranger;  humble, funny, warm and courteous. Speaking rapidly like I had just inhaled helium from a large balloon, I reminded him that I was the “Easter Bunny” on his show (“of course” he nodded!)  and  how we are both from the coolest city in the world, BOSTON!  Did I mention that I was jumping up and down like a giddy schoolgirl during the entire conversation?  Well I was. The inevitable moment came to part ways, he shook my hand again, and like wishing on a magic genie, I burst out :

“Conan, what I’d really love is to do a comedy sketch with YOU! Something really funny”.

He laughed and said with a wonderfully  mixed tone of self-deprecation and humility: “That’s a tall order”.

I smiled back  confidently,

“Not for you!”

And that was it. I floated away, walking on clouds, high as a kite, happy as a clam and all those other corny sayings.

In telling the story, a friend told me I need to play it cool. Not show my cards. Pretend not to care…..

“But then I wouldn’t be ME ” I burst out.  Wow. I even surprised myself with that one. It’s more important to be authentic, then to have some ridiculous facade and pretend I don’t care.  Because I DO care, I do live with passion and I believe in asking for what I want. There is nothing worse then a missed opportunity. A missed dream that could have been. Perhaps my enthusiasm  and overtness have impeded my success. But I know who I am, and that’s more important in the end. I can serve the world better being my authentic self. Giddiness and all.

So the next time you are in one of those “I can’t believe this is happening to me moments”, take a chance. Speak from your heart. Jump up and down (whatever works).

Btw, I haven’t heard from Conan (yet?). But as Edith Piaf sings so beautifully in her song:

“Je Non Regret Rien”: I will have no Regrets…





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