Thoughts to begin a new year…

Dearest Diary,

I have ignored you, cheated on you (with other blogs), and resisted all of your advances. But forgive me. Life got a hold of me and actual adventures replaced the pen. That’s what happens when life becomes more interesting to live then to write about.

It all began this summer when I taught a teen summer acting intensive at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. It required me to summon all of my experiences as an actress and creatively guide the group with wisdom, care, and fortitude. It was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I find myself more passionate about acting (if that is humanly possible?) and I discovered that I adore directing as well.

Now as the end of the year is approaching I find myself worrying about more then just my acting. I’m concerned about our country, our world, and the sanity of mankind. I am saddened by the fear and distrust that makes people run out and buy guns. I worry for the very soul of our country. The tragedies of school shootings, mall shooting, movie theater shootings…how can one maintain their equilibrium and function as “normal”?

The very basis of acting depends on being open, trusting and vulnerable to imaginary circumstances. I encourage my acting students to observe and converse with people who are different from them. It widens their perceptions and life experiences. It helps them to “step into another person’s shoes”; similar to what they will do when they get a role on stage or in a film. Should we proceed with caution now? Of course we must make safe and smart choices but how do we keep our hearts open? How do we avoid retreating into ourselves? How do we feel safe without armaments? Do we really want to create that kind of society?

Despite all of my concerns, 2013 looks bright!  In six days I’ll begin filming a new movie “Sharkskin”, pilot season will be upon us, and I’ll be filming my long awaited “Diary of an Actress” episode 4. I am entering this year with optimism, preparation and clarity.

Another year in Hollywood pursuing my dreams-how grateful I am to be doing exactly what I want to be doing-if nothing else, as Frank Sinatra sings “I Did It My Way”. There is great satisfaction in staying true to oneself.  In fact it may be the only thing we can control in life when so there are so many roads that veer, tempt and lead one astray… so stay strong because as Frank also sings “The Best is Yet to Come”- Happy New Year and thanks for traveling the road with me.


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