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Days, hours and moments pass at an alarming rate. I have an exciting guest star role in this movie we call “life”.  Sometimes that’s enough. Oh sure I miss the residuals, but having a life I feel excited to get up and live beats a fat paycheck in an uneventful life any day!

My teaching continues to be one big intensive lesson on acting for myself as well as my students. Observing, perceiving and translating the truth and possibilities that can be achieved on stage or in front of a camera, solidifies all I have learned and has furthered my fascination and passion for my craft.

I am crazy excited that my video “Diary of an Actress: Episode Four ” is ready! Launching it today! Having the opportunity to create and express gives me so much joy. I am definitely becoming a webisode junkie-I have four of them now! Why? Because I can. We all can. We actors spend so much time waiting for the industry to give us work, the competition is so great and few of us get the work we deserve. But the web is a big potluck dinner. Everyone gets to eat.

I will keep acting. I will stay creative. And above all, I will stay true to myself. Giving-up is not an option. Creating is a way of life. And there are so many ways to do it. Read a book and you are using your imagination. Listen to a new piece of music and you are exercising your sensitivity. Talk to a stranger and you are expanding your heart and ability to empathize. Go out in nature and you will strengthen your ability to observe. I encourage my students to “live” like actors. But more importantly, all of these exercises make us feel alive. They make us present and aware, and I believe, make us better and whole people to play our roles in life, and on stage, with grace and purpose.

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  1. outstanding…!!!
    ‘Live’ life as an actor or musician, not just ‘say’ you’re one!!
    to ‘be’ the part not just ‘act’ the part…!!!

  2. Michael Morera

     /  June 30, 2014

    Yes! Be in the moment and do all that contributes to an extraordinary life. Use your gifts to help others. It’s not so much what you do as what you become through the journey!

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