Choppy Waters

Drawing by Carlie Cairns

Drawing by Carlie Cairns

I believe even when: I don’t have an audition, I’m not on stage, I’m working every other job but the one I love, I’ve sacrificed comfort and security for an unchartered life as an performer….
I believe.

The days pass by with an unpurposeful velocity. Why? I am missing the anchor that moors my ship: A role. Without acting I am a pedestrian. (not entirely a bad thing since every role draws from every day existence). But I am missing the wind in my sail that comes from the excitement and certainty of doing what truly makes me happy.

What do we do in these actor “interims”? Is it not our responsibility to keep our own creative force alive? Grab a script, an acting book, take a class, attend a play…. always remain true to ourselves as actors even when there is no reward, and worst of all, no one to validate our existence.

Ok, troupe, here it is: We don’t need affirmation. What we need is courage. We need faith. And most of all, we need WILL. If we can summon the will to stay the course, we will eventually move through the impasse. Mother Nature is on her own timetable so hold on to your life jackets; it may be a long and bumpy ride.

We all know when we are doing our individual best no matter what our vocation or dream is. When you’re young you have parents and teachers to measure your efforts and success. What happens when no one is there watching? When frankly, no one cares to monitor your growth? That’s when we have to step-in. Why? We owe it to ourselves. We can’t waste our potential and precious energy on things that don’t serve our unique purpose in life. We have sacrificed so much already. How can we stop now?

So sail-on directly into the horizon. Although it may be an uncharted course, you will eventually find land and make your unprecedented footmark.

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