Rachel Bailit is an Actress, Model, Red Carpet Host, and Fashion Blogger.

She was born in Boston, Massachusetts. While studying journalism at American University, Rachel worked on Capitol Hill and had the opportunity to report from The White House.  

Rachel studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles.

Her acting credits include Paramount’s “Festival In Cannes” directed by Henry Jaglom. She played alongside Jim Carrey in Ron Howard’s “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”. Rachel has appeared in many television shows including “The Conan O’Brien Show”, “Desperate Housewives”,  “Jon Benjamin Has a Van”, “Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show”, “NYPD Blue” and the role of “Marissa” in “General Hospital”.

 She stars in three webisode series:  a female action series “Three Orbs Of Light”, a vampire sitcom, “The Vamps Next Door” and her own autobiographical series “Diary of an Actress” based on her newspaper column for The Los Angeles Independent.

 Rachel has also written blogs for InHollywood Magazine, Vogue Insiders and is a Harper’s Bazaar Ambassador.

 She has appeared in numerous national commercial campaigns including McDonalds, Arbys, Dodge, and Heineken. She has been featured as a model in G.Q and Flaunt Fashion Magazine.

 Rachel performed her acclaimed one-woman show,” Sugar Happens”, for seven years in Los Angeles, including The Comedy Central Stage, and at St. Luke’s Theatre in New York City.

 Rachel works as a model for animation studios and videogame companies throughout Southern California including Disney Animation, Dreamworks Animation, Sony Imageworks,

Nickelodeon, “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, “American Dad”, Blizzard Entertainment, and Mattel Toys.

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